Extra Workshops

"Treasure Hunt"

About: Accomplishing tasks individually in authentic environment. Promotion of linguistic and cultural skills that are useful in Greece, and interesting and motivating for students.

Objective: Successful communication in Greek in authentic situations. Gifts for the winners!

Duration: 6-10 TU

Who: This workshop is for everyone who wants to improve their Greek through authentic communicative situations. 

Levels B2-C1 

Vocabulary Activation

About: mnemonics, refreshing old and useful vocabulary, helpful tips.

Objectives: learning the "individual learning" and developing your own methods to easily and effectively perceive the trained vocabulary and use it actively.

Duration: 5-7 TU  

Who: A workshop suitable for learners, who feel insecure with their vocabulary management and want to systematically improve it. Since we are all different learning types, focus and aimed use of vocabulary should find own space.

Levels A2-B1

Grammatical - Practical - Good!

About: helpful tips and tricks, that practice the language structures. 

Objective: guided speaking.

Duration: 5-7 TU

Who: A workshop suitable for learners, who feel insecure with some grammatical phenomena and want to actively work on them.

Levels A1-B2

Digital Stories

About: Students create their own collage films and tell their stories, inspired by their personal experiences.

Objective: To create your own greek movie. In this attempt all language skills (speaking, reading and listening comprehension, writing) are boosted.

Duration: 6-10 TU

Who: Anyone, who would like to create something meaningful in Greek and thereby improve the language skills. 

Levels B1-C1