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ΓΕΙΑ ΣΑΣ!  Welcome to our Webpage! 

"As Greek language trainer, I prove every day my expertise regarding speaking Greek, understanding Greek and successful communication in Greek. I know, that teaching adults is a process that constantly requires communication skills, resilience and the ability to motivate the participants and myself. 

I often take breaks in this process to take an objective look at my teaching and to reflect on it. That way the desired quality of my lesson increases ."

Eftichia Arvaniti




e-llinika means learning Greek via e-Learning or Face to Face. A modern way to a speedy sense of achievement on communicating in Greek. 

We offer not only teaching of high quality at reasonable prices, but furthermore specific consulting on learning matters. 
Because succesfull learning is our aim.

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Learning how to learn

16/08/2014 15:59
Can I learn greek? I am too old... I dont have a gift for languages... It is too difficult...

Dictionaries Online

24/08/2014 16:58

Learning (s)pace

27/09/2014 16:01
Choosing your own LEARNING (S)PACE is the best start for learning Greek. Find a place at home...
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