Learning Greek: Personally. Professionally. Relaxed.


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31/12/2016 16:56
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Learning (s)pace

27/09/2014 16:01
Choosing your own LEARNING (S)PACE is the best start for learning Greek. Find a place at home or outside, where you study better. A pleasant environment for starters is motivating. And that applies to all learning environments.

Dictionaries Online

24/08/2014 16:58
GR↔GR dictionary https://www.greek-language.gr/greekLang/modern_greek/tools/lexica/triantafyllides/ GR ↔DE dictionary https://en.pons.com/translate GR ↔ EN dictionary https://www.wordreference.com/engr/ www.babla.gr/αγγλικα-ελληνικα/

Learning how to learn

16/08/2014 15:59
Can I learn greek? I am too old... I dont have a gift for languages... It is too difficult and I have little time ... There is no agelimit to learn a new language. Adult learning differs in that of children, because adults have little time for it (it is not their main occupation);...

  Learning Greek: Personally.  Professionaly. Relaxed.  


NEW: Group lessons start February 18th, 2019.

Assisting Languages: English or German

Small Groups: 3-4 Persons

Large Groups: 5-8 Persons