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Man kann nicht nicht lernen

Learning how to learn

16/08/2014 15:59

Can I learn greek? I am too old... I dont have a gift for languages... It is too difficult and I have little time ...

There is no agelimit to learn a new language. Adult learning differs in that of children, because adults have little time for it (it is not their main occupation); furthermore because they love to learn "wrong". The word "wrong" is fancied by adults; for that reason I am using it.

The truth of the matter is that adults should forget "right" and "wrong" when learning. Better: "suitable, convenient, pleasant, succesful, goal-oriented" and their opposites.

Therefore the questions, that adults should ask, are: 

Do I want to learn greek? How do I learn more effectively and/or rapidly? How much time can I / do I want to invest in that? 

Maybe adults cannot learn like children anymore, but they should want that, what motivates children - and everyone- more: FUN!